Ward M2

nurses on a ward

On Ward M2 we care for children aged 4-16 with varying medical conditions including:

  • respiratory
  • immunology
  • child mental health
  • neurology
  • cystic fibrosis
  • gastroenterology
  • dermatology
  • metabolic

We have 26 beds including three bays and twelve cubicles. A number of our cubicles have an en-suite facility.

We also have a play room for children with toys and our own play specialists to keep patients entertained.


Ward M2 has lots of facilities for children of different ages and abilities to help their stay be as active as possible.

Youth room

  • a special room for adolescents on the ward
  • gives teenagers space and some privacy
  • has facilities to watch TV, DVDs and use computers
  • located on ward M2 so nursing care is close by


  • a large room on ward M2 for use by patients on wards M2 and S3
  • open daily for children of all ages
  • a large variety of toys, arts and crafts are available
  • play specialists oversee this room and provide different activities daily

Parents’ room

  • a fridge for food and drink
  • a free hot drinks machine

Bathrooms and toilets

  • separate toilets for parents and visitors
  • two bathrooms
  • one electrically controlled bath which can be lowered or raised
  • a hoist is available to enable less able children to wash comfortably

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