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Ward 5 (formerly S2)  is our dedicated neurosciences ward where we treat patients who have neurological conditions, require neurosurgery or have conditions affecting the brain and nervous system.

The ward includes:

  • two cubicles
  • an easy access electronic bath
  • an integrated hoist system to help patients in and out of bed and help with patient transfers
  • interactive systems so hospital teachers and play specialists can keep children up to speed on school work

We also have a play room for children with toys and our own play specialists to keep patients entertained.

The Children’s Hospital Charity funded the Patient Interactive Systems and the electronic bath hoist. We are extremely grateful for their contributions to making our ward an even better facility.

Parent experience – staying on Ward 5

A mum of a 5 month old son has provided us with her parent’s perspective of what it has been like staying on ward 5 here at Sheffield Children’s.

Mum Sophia* bought her son Samuel* to the family’s local Emergency Department after he had a four minute seizure. He had health problems in the run up to this visit that had previously been undiagnosed. Doctors at the hospital found fluid on Samuel’s brain and he was swiftly moved to Sheffield Children’s where they operated on him that evening.A baby's hand touching their purple teddy

Before the diagnosis of fluid on his brain, Samuel had been unable to focus, he couldn’t look at his parents in the eyes and he was acting out of character. After the emergency surgery mum Sophia said she could see improvements straight away, he could look at her and was smiling again.

After surgery Samuel is improving. Specialists are seeing how he develops to see if his body can manage getting rid of the fluid itself or whether he will need to have a shunt placed to help him.

Samuel is under the care of many different teams because of the complexity of his condition. His mum talks positively about the specialists that have looked after him and said: “He’s treated like royalty. Sheffield have been amazing, I’ll only ever bring my children here.

“For the staff here it’s more than a job, they all love him so much. They all just love kids and they all want cuddles. The staff are so invested in their jobs.”

She added, “They really care. We have been through a lot, the seizures, the swelling, the surgery, but the staff made us feel okay. They made it bearable. They’re so thorough, they’re careful and cautious, looking into every decision to make sure it’s right for him. They would rather spend more time and go the extra mile.”

The family are now taking it one step at a time and seeing what Samuel’s next steps are in his development.

*Names have been changed for the privacy of the family.

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