Preparing for a ward stay

hospital ward

The inpatient wards are for patients who come into hospital and will have to stay for at least one night.

Your child may have been admitted urgently or arrangements may have been made to admit them for a planned stay.

The hospital has several inpatient wards and a range of facilities for visitors.

Arriving on the ward

What happens when we arrive at the ward?
What should I bring?
Can parents stay overnight?
Will it be noisy at night on the ward?
Will my child have a single room?

Keeping busy on the ward

Toys and games
School work



Write down any questions and keep them with you to discuss with the doctor or your nurse.

Your child will be seen once a day by your consultant’s team and will be reviewed as necessary by other doctors.

Our patient advice & liaison service (PALS) is also there to support you should you need additional help.

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