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Neonatal Surgical Unit


Our Neonatal Surgical Unit (NSU) is a busy 12-bedded surgical unit caring for babies that require major surgery shortly after or within a few weeks of birth.

NSU is situated on C Floor of the Green Wing next to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the High Dependency Unit (HDU). The unit is divided into three bays of three to four electrically heated cots and one isolation cubicle.

All the bed spaces are fully equipped with monitoring facilities and intravenous infusion equipment.

Throughout your baby’s stay we provide soft blankets and clothing if required. You are welcome to bring one or two small soft toys to put in the cot with your baby.

Staying with your baby

We encourage parents to stay in the hospital and to be involved in the care of their babies.

Our resident rooms are situated in Magnolia House which is adjacent to the unit and can be accessed by a link corridor. Each room has a telephone so parents can contact the unit at any time.

Mums can be resident immediately following discharge from hospital but we ask that another adult is also resident with them for the first five days.


Parents can visit the unit at any time of day. Other relatives are welcome to visit, with the permission of parents, until 7.30pm.

We ask that only two visitors (excluding brothers and sisters) are at the cot side at any one time to help reduce noise and stress levels for babies.

Please remove coats and wash your hands on entering as the babies on our unit are very susceptible to infection.

If you are at all concerned over your own health please discuss with the nurse in charge before visiting.

The unit has a cold water drinks dispenser and a hot snacks facility attends the unit daily. There are also other catering options within the hospital including the restaurant, cafe and vending machines.

We share waiting room facilities with ICU and HDU.

Feeding your baby

Breastfeeding on the unit is supported by all members of the clinical team. Our nurses are currently undergoing training through the Baby Friendly Initiative and are supported by two specialist breastfeeding nurses.

We have a dedicated room with electric pumps for expressing breast milk or you may choose to express at the side of your baby’s cot.

We have freezer facilities for the storage of your expressed breast milk if your baby is unable to feed immediately.

Should you choose not to or be unable to breastfeed your baby, you will be supported in your choice and given advice by the nursing staff or dietician.

Ward team

Our nurses are all trained in the care of children and many have a post registration qualification in the care of neonates.

We work with six paediatric surgical consultants of whom one is always available on call.

Your baby will have a named consultant on admission but this may change to reflect the type of surgery your baby requires.

Other specialities on the unit include ENT, neurosurgery, medicine, opthalmology, orthopaedics and dermatology.

All our teams are supported by pharmacy, radiology, dietetics, laboratory technicians, medical engineering and domestic services.

We have close links with the Jessop Wing, Embrace transport service, Intensive Care Unit and other wards and specialist services within the hospital.

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