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We treated nearly 200,000 patients in 2014/15.

Chartered physiotherapist

Uniform Guide

Uniform Guide Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

I’m Jan Hervo and I’m an Advanced Nurse Practitioner for the Embrace team. We are a team of doctors, advanced nurse practitioners, nurses, call handlers and ambulance drivers who work together to stabilise and transfer critically ill infants and children from all over the Yorkshire Humber region. We transfer either by road or by air to the appropriate care unit depending on the patient’s age and medical need.




Uniform Guide Senior Staff Nurse Band 6

Band 6 Senior Staff Nurse

I’m Claire Strong and I’m a Band 6 Senior Staff Nurse. My main duties as a Band 6 Nurse are to manage the ward, as well as to provide general patient care, blood sampling and chemotherapy. My role also includes providing support to both the patients and their families and on some occasions I work with outpatients too.





Uniform Guide Call Centre Administrator

Call Centre Administrator

I’m Sheila Holland and I’m an Embrace Call Centre Administrator. I have been with Embrace from the beginning as a call handler, taking referrals and call conferencing in order to get the relevant people in to discuss each case. What I love about Embrace is that every day is different.





Uniform Guide Catering Assistant

Catering Assistant

I’m Val and I work as an assistant for the catering team. My tasks range from serving customers and working on the tills to making sandwiches and cleaning the kitchens. My job is most enjoyable as I am part of a friendly team who are in constant contact with the public.





Uniform Guide Lead Nurse

Clinical Lead Nurse

I’m Claire Harness and I’m the Lead Clinical Nurse for Embrace Regional Transport Service which covers Yorkshire and is based at Capitol Park in Barnsley. I line manage the clinical and administration team.





Support WorkerClinical Support Worker

My name is Fatima Blidi and I'm a Clinical Support Worker in the Theatres Admissions Unit. My role involves assisting nurses to provide care for patients. I also help with admitting patients, administering anaesthetic creams and escorting patients to MRI scans.





Uniform Guide Embrace Consultant


I'm Steve Hancock and I'm a Consultant for the Embrace Regional Transport Service.






Uniform Guide Cook


I’m Kevin Smith and I’m a Cook. My passion lies with cooking and I am proud to be part of a seven strong team. We work on shifts of five and we cater for children, staff and visitors separately.






Uniform Guide Domestic


I’m Denise Marples and I’m a Domestic. I am part of the general cleaning team and I work independently on both clinics and wards.







Uniform Guide Medical Records Clerk

Medical Records Clerk

I’m Matt McGovern and I’m a Medical Records Clerk. I am part of a team of around 20 clerks and our job is to provide patient notes to medical professionals.





Uniform Guide Occupational Therapy Technician

Occupational Therapy Assistant

I'm Dawn Syron-Jones and I'm an Occupational Therapy (OT) Assistant. I am one of three in the department and we create specialist equipment for children. I specialise in producing bespoke garments for children who have been burned. As a department, we also create postural supports to aid and assist children’s development.





Uniform Guide Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

I’m Catherine Green and I’m a Pharmacy Technician. I am part of the large pharmaceutical department which maintains approximately 60 staff. Pharmacy technicians are responsible for all dispensaries throughout the hospital, including inpatients and outpatients.





Uniform Guide Porter


I’m Philip Toulson and I’m a Porter. My job is not only to transport patients around the entire hospital but also to ensure the security of the hospital at night. I am part of a team of 10 and we around the clock.





Uniform Guide Receptionist


I’m Pat Firth and I’m a Receptionist at the main entrance desk. I deal with all manner of people entering the hospital including inpatients and outpatients, families and carers, staff and visitors. A vital part of my role is to be a good listener and to know the ins and outs of the entire hospital.





Uniform Guide Supplies Assistant

Supplies Assistant

I’m Daniel Barron and I’m a Supplies Assistant. I'm part of an eight person team whose role includes distribution, customer liaison, extraditing, returns and maintenance of stock on wards. The ability to problem solve is vital in my role if and when issues arise.





Uniform Guide Theatre Escort

Theatre Escort

I’m Dawn Hallowes and I’m a Theatre Escort. My role is to transport patients to and from their wards and surgery. I am part of a seven person team and it is important for us to help patients remain calm and relaxed.





Uniform Guide Transport Nurse

Transport Nurse

I’m Jenny Dive and I’m a Transport Nurse on the Embrace Team. I’ve been with the Embrace Team since the service began and I assist and care for patients on their transferral journeys.





Uniform Guide Treetop House Charity Worker

Treetop House Charity Worker

I’m Katie Brown and I’m a Treetop House Charity Worker. My role is to raise funds for The Sick Children’s Trust, which funds Treetops housing. I am involved with a range of events from book sales to pamper nights.





Volunteer - Jeremy


I’m Jeremy and I’m a general volunteer. I am one of five volunteers who offer their time to assist in the main reception area. Tasks include showing people to wards, helping visitors navigate around the hospital and answering questions.





Ward ClerkWard Clerk

I'm Jess Baxter and I work as a Ward Clerk in the Theatres Admissions Unit. It's my job to answer any queries, meet and greet patients when they arrive for day case surgery, book appointments and prepare patient records.





Uniform Guide Ward Manager

Ward Manager

Hi I’m Chris McLouglin and I’m a Ward Manager. My role is both managerial and clinical. Managerially I am responsible for the overall running of the unit encompassing maintaining and improving standards of care, planning and development and staff management. Clinically I am involved in providing day to day care for vulnerable patients.




Uniform Guide Ward Sister

Ward Sister

I’m Julie Bell and I’m a Ward Sister. My role as a Ward Sister involves the assessment and planning of care for all of the patients on the unit. I am also responsible for the supervision and training of nursing staff.

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