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Who are Food Works?

Food Works are a Sheffield based organisation who:

  • upcycle quality surplus and locally grown ingredients into delicious food and drink in their Kitchen
  • collect and share surplus food at their Market
  • develop hyperlocal food production through community growing on their Farm
  • empower people with skills, knowledge and support in our Community

The meals produced in their kitchens are also turned into frozen meals called Just Meals and these are available to buy from Community Hubs. These meals now also fill our ward parent kitchen freezers so that parents and carers can have easier access to affordable meals. To find out more about food works take a look at their website.

Food Works frozen meals

A variety of Just Meals

We now have freezers full of sustainably sourced frozen meals provided by Food Works on all acute wards. 

These suit a range of dietary requirements (vegan or low-allergen, gluten free, vegetarian and meat) and are available in parent kitchens or parent rooms to reheat on a pay-what-you-can basis. We are in the process of upgrading this to a simple electronic tap and go payment system but currently payment is made direct to Food Works via a QR code to their website. Although the meals cost Food Works (on average) £1.80 to produce, the pay-what-you-can method means that some people may wish to donate £3 and others may not be able to pay at all, both are fine.

Why are we partnering with Food Works?

It’s simple, we wanted our families to have better access to a range of affordable meals and for this to be as sustainable as possible.

  1. Ward based for you to heat and eat when you need them
  2. A range of dietary requirements so that it is as inclusive as possible
  3. Pay-what-you-can basis meaning we can provide meals free for those who need that and at a low cost for everyone else – donations of £1, £2 and £3 available
  4. We can support the cities work on sustainable food provision
  5. Just Meals are environmentally-friendly created using quality surplus and locally grown ingredients. Each meal is packed in 100% biodegradable and home compostable packaging supporting our green goals.


  1. Can we use the freezers for other meals?

To ensure that we do not get people taking others food, and have space for the Food Works meals, we have agreed to keep the freezers for Food Works meal only. If you do use the freezer for your own food, including ice cream, you will be asked to remove it.

  1. Where does the money go?

The money goes straight to Food Works so they can provide more meals. A meal costs around £1.80 to produce and families are encouraged to pay a donation, however if families are unable to pay are still welcome to take meals.

  1. What if I want to give cash?

We are unable to take cash. If you are unable to make card payments then please take a free meal.

  1. Why are there no halal meals?

Food Works makes meals from surplus so rarely get halal meat. However, all vegetarian and vegan meals are appropriate for a halal diet.

  1. Do you have to be gluten free to take gluten free meals?

Anyone can take any meal type they prefer – we just need to ensure all meal types are available.

  1. What can go in the recycling food caddy?

Each area is provided with a food caddy to recycle left over food, teabags, the Just Meals boxes and wooden cutlery.

Quotes from parents

“It’s a good idea, its hard to get out as I don’t want to leave her. The furthest I’ll go is the kitchen.”

“Brilliant idea particularly if you have a disabled/complex needs child who doesn’t like being left”

“I am a single low wage parent in for an extended stay and I am so grateful for these meals – they have taken the financial strain off our stay.  Thank you”

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