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Patient views

people in the hospital

We value your feedback and we rely on patients’ views to make a difference when it is needed. Our Youth Forum was set up for exactly this reason, and meets regularly to discuss a variety of topics.

We carry out annual surveys of families who attend Sheffield Children’s Hospital Outpatients Department, Emergency Department and those who are admitted to hospital wards to find out about the experience they have had during their visit.

We also conduct the Friends and Family Test which asks if you would recommend our services to your friends or family.

In addition to these regular surveys, we also carry out ad hoc surveys to look at areas where changes have been made or where we think improvements can be made. The results of these surveys are published on this page.

We involve the Parents and Carers Advisory Group and the Trust’s Governors in drawing up action plans where these are needed.

Share your views

A number of grey suggestion boxes with pink suggestion cards can be found around the Trust. These cards can be completed anonymously and all comments received are passed along to the appropriate department or manager.

You can complete the Friends and Family Test online at any time and are welcome to leave feedback about the Trust through our Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

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