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Medical Daycare

Staff with patient

Welcome to Medical Daycare, also known as the Children’s Clinical Research Facility (CCRF).

Our unit at Sheffield Children’s Hospital accommodates medical patients up to 16 years old as well as paediatric and adult research patients.

You can find us on D Floor via the grey lifts – it’s easiest to use the Damer Street entrance (opposite Starbucks).

We have a small number of cubicles, an infusion lounge and waiting area. We see patients that require a quick procedure and also those who require all day infusions.

Visiting Medical Daycare

As we are only a small unit with a large number of patients, we ask that only one adult comes with the patient. Additional adults will be accommodated if possible at the nurse in charge’s discretion.

Children attend the unit for a variety of procedures and see different teams, so the length of stay may vary. If you are worried about this please call us before your appointment on 0114 305 3247.


We provide free tea and coffee for patients and visitors and a small selection of toys and DVDs to keep children entertained. We also have free WiFi so please feel free to bring a laptop, iPad or hand held games system. Even when your child is occupied please ensure they are supervised at all times.

Patients that are on the unit for a long period of time are entitled to a snack box from the canteen. Ask the nurse caring for your child for further information.

If you have any queries please call us on 0114 305 3247 or email the Unit Manager, Amy Clarke.

See inside Medical Daycare


Medical Daycare is on D Floor accessed via the grey lifts.

When you arrive please report to reception where you will be checked in to the system and taken through to the waiting room.

waiting room

After signing in at reception a member of staff will take you through to the waiting room.

The waiting room has toys and books to keep young patients occupied while they wait.

When we’re ready for you a member of staff will take you through to the treatment area.


When a member of staff collects you from the waiting room they will bring you through the link corridor to one of the treatment areas.

This corridor connects the different parts of Medical Daycare: the main treatment lounge, rainbow rooms, nurses’ station, treatment room and main reception.

treatment lounge

The treatment lounge is a light and airy space for patients having an infusion.

The lounge has comfortable chairs for patients and parents, plus computer games, toys and films to help pass the time.

rainbow rooms

Four individual treatment rooms known as the ‘rainbow rooms’ can be found along the main link corridor. Each room has a bed, armchair, sink and views over Weston Park.

These are used for day cases including blood transfusions, research trials, isolation, infusions and specialist medication.

treatment room

We use this room for a variety of purposes including blood tests, assessments, medical reviews, cannulation, lumbar puncture, administering anaesthetic gas before a procedure, line changes and dressing changes.

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