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Youth Forum members find out about research at the Trust

youth forum members
20 March 2017

Two members of the Trust’s Youth Forum visited our Children’s Clinical Research Facility on 15 March.

They were shown around the department by Research Nurse Susan Lenthall, who explained the various ways Sheffield Children’s is conducting research to improve the care of children in Sheffield and beyond.

Rosie and Freya will be sharing the findings from their visit with the Youth Forum at its next meeting in June. They are also planning to do some further work with the research team to encourage more young people to take part in research projects.

Read what Freya had to say about the visit:

“Rosie and I recently visited the Research and Innovation Department and I found the visit very interesting and informative. During the visit I was amazed to find out that the hospital was currently undertaking approximately 180 research trials which was far more than I anticipated! I was also not aware that there are many different sorts of research from questionnaires to taking blood samples and testing new medicines. I think it’s great that the hospital is so active in helping to increase understanding of illnesses and to develop new treatments for the benefit of children.

During the visit it became apparent to me that one of the biggest challenges for the Department is recruiting volunteers to undertake the trials, as this is crucial to further research being undertaken. Rosie and I are giving consideration to how the work of the department maybe promoted to young people and we will also be discussing the issue at the Youth Forum to try to raise awareness of the need to recruit volunteers.

Finally I would like to thank Sue Lenthall for giving up her time and for making our visit to the Research and Innovation Department so interesting and enjoyable. It was a great experience for me to see all the hard work that goes into developing these new treatments and it was clear from our tour and from listening to Sue that the staff in the department form a close bond with children on the research trials and are very dedicated to improving the wellbeing of children from all across the country.”

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