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Theatre housekeeper’s organisation skills earn her fan club at hospital – and beyond!

05 September 2022

The way our Theatres Housekeeper Denise keeps the department’s stock of scrubs in good order is truly amazing. They’re not only freshly laundered but stacked with Army precision in size order on the scrub room shelves!

Denise, who only joined Sheffield Children’s Theatre Team this year, helps to ensure the department is clean and safe for colleagues and patients. And, in doing so, her organisational skills have earned her a fan club in the hospital – and beyond.

Shelves in scrub room fully-stocked with green scrubs in size order

One of our consultant paediatric surgeons, Mr Ross Fisher, was so impressed with Denise’s fully stocked and tidy scrub room that he tweeted a photo with the caption: “Whatever you do in life, consider this. This speaks to me, it humbles me and it inspires me. I bet the housekeeper doesn’t know the impact this has but so many people commented today. #respect.” And he later found Denise to thank her in person.

The tweet received over 17,000 likes and many comments marvelling at Denise’s incredible work. 

Before joining Sheffield Children’s, Denise worked in retail. She said: “I wanted a change, so I decided to join the NHS. I take pride in my work and always try to keep on top of it. I don’t use Twitter, but my children showed me the tweet and I was amazed to see it. Colleagues often come and compliment me in person too!”

She added: “It’s wonderful to be able to help colleagues do their jobs, to make them smile and make their jobs easier. I work with some incredible people.”

Jamie Shepherd, Theatre Manager at Sheffield Children’s, said: “Denise is such an important member of the Theatre Team. I often get emails from colleagues showing their appreciation for her work!”

Thank you for everything you do, Denise!

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