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The Daisy Award runners up: March 2021

Daisy Award runners up - March
01 April 2021

Our DAISY award runners up for March are…

Sally Roberts – PCCU

“The care our son has received during his time at Sheffield Children’s has been exemplary – Sally stood out due to the extra care she has shown to all of our family whilst we have been at the Trust (three months to date)… I cannot thank Sally enough for the compassion she has shown us and for supporting us through the traumatic rollercoaster experience of being in ICU. I believe Sally should be recognised for truly excelling in her role – we will never forget what she has done for us.”

Imogen Spencer – NSU

“My nomination for Ms Spencer is because of her forward thinking in providing care, for example on post operation day two my daughter received her TED stockings which never occurred to others including me although I’m also from medical field. She ordered a special mattress for my daughter which could avoid bedsores if she didn’t mobilise early. I’m sure that mattress will be put to use for some other patient who will need it in the future…I was surprised to know that Ms Spencer is only about 1 year since she qualified as a nurse and I wish her very best for her future in nursing career. I’m sure she will continue to touch many lives like she did ours during our visit at the hospital.”

Jo Ridley Moore – Ward 6

“Jo is full of knowledge and the best nurse I have ever seen. From skills for the job down to how she treats parents. The first time that Jo looked after us was the first time I had a good sleep on the ward. She took care of my daughter so well over night that I never even woke up. And that made a world of difference to how I could cope with the whole situation. After 8 or 9 nights of broken sleep I thought I would never sleep right again until Jo came along. She goes above and beyond to make us all feel settled and that we are well cared for… She is an absolute professional veteran nurse and the NHS has really benefited from her in ways I can only imagine.”

They are all shown here proudly showing their special DAISY pins that are awarded to runners up. Congratulations to you all!

Would you like to nominate someone to be the next winner?

The DAISY Award is your opportunity to say thank you to a nurse at Sheffield Children’s for delivering outstanding care to you or your loved ones.

It is an ongoing award process, so if you have a nurse in mind that you would like to win the next award, please take five minutes to nominate them.

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