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Sheffield Children’s plants 200 trees

25 March 2022

Sheffield Children’s has planted 200 trees as part of the Trust’s Green Plan in partnership with NHS Forests.

A range of Beech, Birch, Rowan and Cherry trees, have been planted at the Becton Centre site in Mosborough, Sheffield Children’s dedicated inpatient mental health centre.

The tree planting is part of Sheffield Children’s green commitment with the aim of being environmentally sustainable and increasing the wellbeing of patients, families and colleagues.

NHS Forests is a national level programme where they coordinate the donation of trees to NHS sites across the country. Miriam Dobson, Green Space for Health Outreach Officer from NHS Forests said: “We work with sites to not only improve the local environment through reducing air pollution, storing carbon, and providing habitats for wildlife, but also improve the health and wellbeing of staff and patients on site. Planting trees at NHS sites makes a positive difference for many years to come by helping to reconnect staff and patients with nature and contributing towards the long-term health and wellbeing of key workers.”

Patients and colleagues got involved hands on with the planting of the 200 trees. They were joined by John Williams, Executive Director of Finance and Green Plan Lead, who said: “By planting these 200 trees it improves the biodiversity of our sites, plus the wellbeing of our colleagues and patients. Through collaborating with NHS Forests, we’ve not only created an attractive green space for people to enjoy but it has also provided our colleagues and young patients with the opportunity to spend time outside in nature planting the trees.”

Phil Branford, Environmental and Sustainability Officer at the Trust said: “Working with Miriam and NHS Forest we decided to plant a variety of Beech, Birch, Rowan and Cherry trees as these trees tend to grow really well in Sheffield. Also, cherry trees have beautiful blossom, which we feel will really add to the environment, supporting health and wellbeing on site.”

 It took the team roughly four hours to plant the staggering amount of 200 trees and we can’t wait to see the trees grow over the years to come.

Becton Centre now has 200 beautiful new trees plus a wild meadow all helping us in achieving our Green Plan 2020-25:

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