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Sharing the love for our neurosciences ward

Nurse exchanges gifts with patient
14 February 2019

To celebrate Valentine’s day, we’re sending love to patients and staff on Ward 5 at Sheffield Children’s. This unit specialises in neurological conditions, neurosurgery and conditions affecting the brain and nervous system.

Just 15 days ago 13 year-old Callum was admitted for emergency surgery after it was discovered that he had a tumour, cyst, and fluid on his brain. He’s had an unimaginable few weeks on Ward 5 – but yesterday he got to go home.

Callum’s Dad said: “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for us all, especially Callum. From what could’ve happened, we didn’t know if he was going to make it.”

Mum said: “We can’t praise the staff enough, they’ve been amazing. There aren’t enough words.”

Callum’s troubles started with a headache after football practice one evening. His mum kept a close eye on him when it hadn’t improved the following morning. He started to act out of character and soon began to struggle speaking. His family took him straight to their local A&E where a CT scan showed the fluid and growths on his brain.

Callum was sent to Sheffield Children’s for specialist care. On the way from Cleethorpes, where the family live, Mum said: “The drive over behind the ambulance felt like the longest journey.”

When Callum arrived at Sheffield Children’s he had an emergency operation to remove the fluid that had gathered on his brain. He had to be kept on a drain for a couple of days. A week after he was admitted he had his second surgery. Specialists will be continuing to investigate Callum’s case, including analysing the results of his biopsy, to see if he will need further surgery in the future and to continue his treatment plan.

Yesterday, crediting the hard work and dedication of the staff on Ward 5, it was Callum’s time to leave.

Dad said: “The staff were always there and kept us all up to date. Everyone from the nurses to doctors and surgeons were amazing. Professor Dimitri comes around to see us all the time, surgeons Mr Ushewokunze and Mr Sinha too.”

The family had a special thanks to pictured Staff Nurse, Laura. Mum said: “Laura is always making Callum laugh, she’s been great.”

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