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‘Queen’ Lareen graduates from High Dependency Unit

L to R: mum Husna, Lareen and dad Dlbrin on the high dependency unit
04 May 2023

It’s a big day for two-year-old Lareen – or Queen Lareen, to give her proper title, on our High Dependency Unit (HDU).

Today is the day that Lareen gets to go home.

Lareen has lived on our ward for nearly all of her life so far. After being born on Jessops Wing, she briefly spent time at two other hospitals before being referred to Sheffield Children’s for specialist care.

Her dad, Dlbrin said: “Lareen was born prematurely and there were underlying conditions. Her airway pressure needed regulating to keep her lungs inflated and she was on oxygen. She’s also had two heart surgeries, a tracheostomy fitting and infections because of other respiratory problems – but she’s a little fighter.”

It’s been a long and challenging road for Lareen and her family. Her mum and dad have had a lot of decisions to make – especially during the start of her care with us. But they’re now able to look forward with hope.

Dlbrin said: “We’re happy and excited that after all the things that have happened, she’s able to go. We’ve been waiting for a long, long time.

“It’s going to be a massive difference. There will be massive happiness when Lareen is able to leave. Coming to Sheffield Children’s has been part of our routine though, I just came here in whatever spare time I had to spend time with Lareen. I’ve asked if I can come back in occasionally just to see the people here.”

One memory in particular sticks out for Dlbrin and Hasna, Lareen’s mum. When their son, Lamik was able to finally meet his little sister for the first time.

Dilbrin said: “It was Lamik’s second birthday – which he shares with Hasna – and Lareen was about four months old. He saw her and was hugging her and kissing her. It was a very happy day but I cried a lot too.

“Lareen has shared good times with the staff here. A few times she’s been very poorly and couldn’t go outside, but they’re there for her. Every morning they say hello and she’s even been taken shopping by Janette and others, and to the park. She’s Queen Lareen to the ward – that’s how she’s known. They did everything they could to celebrate her birthdays during Covid when her family couldn’t be with her.”

As well as providing shopping support, Janette, a PCCU Support Worker, helps patients who have stayed on PCCU for a long time to celebrate their milestone of going home with a graduation – don’t the outfits look wonderful!

Janette said: “It’s an absolute honour to celebrate with our patients. Whether that’s their first time outside or the day they leave the HDU after living there for a long time. It gives our team a chance to say goodbye too.

“We started making the hats from craft paper before upgrading to the actual kits which I make myself. The family get to take the kit home and receive a photo as a moment of their time with us.”

Dlbrin added: “Anywhere you go you see good times and bad times, and it has been scary at times too. From my heart though, thank you so much to the people here. We shared a cuddle during the bad times – and fun and laughs during the good times. I’m going to miss you all.”


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