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Oliver’s story: a visit to the newly refurbished Acute Assessment Unit

Oliver receiving treatment
04 November 2020

This isn’t the first fractured wrist our Emergency Department (ED) has seen, but it was the first one to visit the newly refurbished ED Treatment Area.

Say hello to 10 year old Oliver and his mum, Gabrielle.

Oliver said: “I was a bit nervous coming to the ED because I didn’t know what was going to happen, but when I got here it was fine. I was running at school and I basically slipped on some leaves. I meant to land on my hand but instead I landed on my wrist.”

It turned out that Oliver had fractured his right distal radius – this is the end of one of the two bones in your forearm, just before it meets the hand.

Firstly, Oliver needed an X-Ray – “It was a massive robot thing!” – to check how much damage the fall had caused before moving into the ED Treatment Area to have a cast fitted. He didn’t need to visit the refurbished bed area in the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) which now has screens between each bed to help prevent the spread of infection.waiting area

The ED Treatment Area has its own waiting room away, where patients with minor injuries can be separated from more complicated or serious injuries. The room has been designed to allow families and staff to follow social distancing guidelines.

Gabrielle said: “It feels very quiet, it feels really clean and it feels really safe. The Treatment Area is really well laid out, and Oliver is excited to be the first patient to be in here!”

Once patients have been seen in the ED Treatment Area, they can be discharged straight home.

That is what happened to Oliver. After being referred to our fracture clinic for a follow up appointment, he was able to go home – proudly displaying his new accessory!


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