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Meet Camilla, our new Lead Healthcare Scientist!

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06 September 2023

We had a chat with our new Lead Healthcare Scientist! Meet Camilla Scott, recently appointed to the new role at Sheffield Children’s.

What is the aim of the Lead Healthcare Scientist role?

“The Lead Healthcare Scientist’s role is to work with the leadership team to transform scientifically led services, support research and innovation, provide scientific leadership and improve information and knowledge sharing through partnership collaboration.

“The aim is to bring together all the Healthcare Scientists at Sheffield Children’s, providing national, regional, and local representation as well as providing opportunities to help influence national developments, support accreditations, workforce gaps and highlight training opportunities and funding.”

This is a new role to Sheffield Children’s, why has it been created? 

“Healthcare scientists are part of the backbone of the NHS with healthcare science underpinning 80% of all diagnosis as well as supporting treatment and new technologies. There are over 40 areas of applied science in the NHS split into 5 paths – Life Sciences, Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering, Physiological Sciences and Bioinformatics, this makes up the scientific community at Sheffield Children’s.

“This role was developed to ensure all scientific colleagues within the organisation are represented and are engaging with organisational, local, regional and national agendas for Healthcare Sciences. 

How did you come to be in this role?

“Having worked at Sheffield Children’s for 15 years and as a Clinical Scientist for over 20 years, I am passionate about the work we do and our role as scientists in providing healthcare to families in South Yorkshire and beyond.

“As Deputy Clinical Director for the Pharmacy, Diagnostics and Genetics care group, I am already interacting with a number of scientific groups but there are so many more within the Trust that I am looking forward to meeting. 

“I wanted to take on this role so I could represent our colleagues and the scientific community, plus highlight the scientific work we carry out.”

What’s your favourite place to travel to and why? 

“My favourite place to travel is Cornwall. I grew up there and have fond childhood memories of eating pasties, swimming in the sea, walking the coastal paths and building sandcastles on the beach. I now enjoy my summer holidays in Cornwall making wonderful memories with my own children.”

Thanks Camilla, for giving us an insight into your new role! 

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