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Freddie’s story: On the mend after a broken arm

Freddie in Plaster Clinic
02 July 2021

Meet Freddie! You might usually find him playing football, cricket or swimming, but unfortunately those hobbies have had to be put on hold while he recovers from a broken arm – ouch!

Six-year-old Freddie was running in his local park when he caught his foot in a sunken trampoline and fell on his elbow and arm.

His mum, Emma said: “Freddie said he heard his arm crack and he was very pale and shaking. At home we gave him some Calpol so he could catch his breath and we could take a proper look at his arm.

“Luckily, next door to us was Jackie – who had just retired from Sheffield Children’s that very week – who put Freddie’s arm into a sling, advised us where to park and sent us on our way.

“We were triaged almost immediately at the Emergency Department on the Sunday evening. Everyone I saw in Sheffield Children’s had a mask, there were screens and socially distanced seating in the waiting rooms and hand sanitizer everywhere. I like that no one can enter without confirming they don’t have symptoms and the one parent per patient rule means that there are less people around too. We felt very safe.”

After meeting with their doctor, Emma and Freddie were advised that an X-Ray would be needed to confirm whether the bone was broken. In Radiology, they discovered that Freddie had a significant break in two bones near his elbow. This meant he needed a plaster cast fitted to aid its recovery.Freddie in Plaster clinic

Emma explained: “In the Plaster Room, nurses took their time explaining the process to him and carefully plastered his arm. Freddie’s doctor also came back to check on him and make sure we knew what would happen next.

“We were very impressed by the whole experience! Freddie was very tired and ready for home but he stayed calm throughout and did everything he was told with a smile on his face – he had lots of compliments from the staff for that too.”

Since then, Emma and Freddie have returned to Sheffield Children’s on a weekly basis to check on his progress. After one trip, Freddie ended up with a bright green, glittery cast that he couldn’t wait to show his friends at school!

Emma said: “It’s clear to see how hard everyone works, but also how much they enjoy their jobs. Each person or place we have seen – Plaster Room, Radiology or Dr Green – appear to have all the time in the world for Freddie and I really appreciated that. It helps us both feel happy, calm and knowledgeable about the next steps.”

At his most recent appointment, Freddie’s cast was removed for the last time, and he met another Emma too – this time it was the Emma (pictured above) who works in our Plaster Room.

“She was amazing! She kept us both at ease. Freddie’s Grandad once fainted when he had a cast removed and lots of people had warned Freddie about the potential smell! She explained the process and showed Freddie all the tools she would use. She chatted to us both through and explained the whole process. Afterwards, she carefully washed his arm. She was just so lovely and caring. A real gem!”

Freddie’s mum Emma also had a message for the staff at Sheffield Children’s:

“Thank you for working so hard during the pandemic. Freddie was treated well throughout his experience and we felt so safe. I know that COVID-19 has made everyone’s jobs so much more challenging but Freddie was treated by patient, kind staff and I will be forever grateful. Every single member of staff we came into contact with was happy, smiley and took the time to talk to me and Freddie. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sheffield Children’s to any parents. You guys are superheroes in my opinion.”

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