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Evie’s story: Who does this smiley face belong too?

Evie story
18 March 2021

Meet four-year-old Evie. She has been having regular headaches for over a year and had an appointment to see a consultant in our Outpatient Department.

Her mum, Becky said: “They were really friendly, down to earth and thorough. They recommended an MRI scan and a blood test.”

Understandably, Evie wasn’t too keen about having a blood test, but it didn’t turn out to be as bad as she thought it might be.

Evie’s blood test was in the Pink Clinic of the Outpatients Department – “where we met the most amazing ladies, the nurses were so kind to Evie and me.

“They fussed over Evie before and after the actual blood collection. As well as holding my hand and reassuring me that Evie would be fine and that they understand it’s not nice for parents to go through. Evie has told all her family about the cuddly special nurses who looked after her and soon settled when she was picking stickers from the tub!”

Becky added: “I felt these nurses needed a special mention to remind them how amazing they are and how much they are valued and cared about by us parents. Evie’s cuddles were just what she needed! I’d like to say an endless thanks to all NHS staff.”

Don’t forget, if your child is nervous about having a blood test at Sheffield Children’s, we have a video which explains all about them on our Blood Test page.

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