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Elsie’s Super Saturday

Elsie and Theo hug
20 March 2023
We’d like to say a very big Super Saturday well done to Elsie who attended an MRI sensory session at the hospital at the weekend.
Our Super Saturday sensory sessions are aimed at supporting children and young people who might struggle to attend an appointment or find a procedure especially difficult. They provide a chance for patients to experience procedures in an environment that is calmer than usual through quieter spaces and darker rooms with special lighting that help create an ambient and relaxing atmosphere.
Elsie first met the MRI team when she came for a previous appointment and got the chance to ask lots of questions about what would happen during her MRI scan. Elsie didn’t have the scan that day but was determined to return to have another go at completing it, and to watch Frozen inside the scanner!
Super Saturday provided the opportunity for Elsie to return and, after some giant good luck hugs from Theo the bear, Elise went to have her MRI scan. Elsie was quite nervous in the scanner at first so Theo thought he might be able to help his special new friend by joining Elsie’s dad, Ben, at the top of the scanner. Elsie could see them both and watch Frozen at the same time!Sensory items in scanner roomElsie
Helen, Radiology Manager, said: “Elsie did so well in her MRI scan. After a few nerves to begin with she stayed in for the whole 20 minutes and we were able to get everything we needed to help with Elsie’s care. It’s especially great news as it means Elsie won’t have to come back on Monday to have the procedure under a general anaesthetic. Super Saturdays provide us with a brilliant opportunity to do things differently and make sure that as many children and young people as possible get the care they need.”
Helena, Elsie’s mum, said: “I’m just so glad she’s been able to do it. When Elsie thought she might have to have general anaesthetic she was really upset and wanted to give it another go beforehand. Elsie’s familiar with Theo the bear as during lockdown she started making bracelets as she told us she wanted to help raise money for poorly children. Today it was Theo who helped Elsie!”
Well done Elsie, and a big thank you to Theo and the MRI team who helped during Elsie’s Super Saturday appointment.

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