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Congratulations to our latest DAISY Award winner, Jenny Edgerton

13 June 2022
A huge congratulations to Jenny Edgerton, Rheumatology Clinical Nurse Specialist, who is our latest DAISY Award winner!
Jenny has been a nurse for 19 years, having worked at Sheffield Children’s for 17 of those! She previously worked on our Theatre Assessment Unit (TAU) and has been in her current role in the Rheumatology Team for nine years.
Jenny was nominated for the DAISY Award by a patient for her care, compassion and understanding in helping them manage their diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder. They said: “I couldn’t ask for a better nurse because I don’t think there could ever be one.”
Jenny provided resources in the patient’s home language so their mum could understand their diagnosis better, and a gift bag full of games to help keep them occupied.
The patient added: “I’ve never met such a caring and compassionate person let alone such an amazing nurse, she truly deserves all the best in this world. She is always prompt to offer any answers to questions and to help me if I’m having concerns or problems.
“I don’t particularly like hospitals, but Jenny makes it an enjoyable experience by having a hilarious sense of humour and being very understanding on how I’m feeling at the moment. She goes above and beyond to offer the best care possible. Thank you ever so much Jenny, you’re the best!”
Jenny was presented with her DAISY Award by Sally Shearer (Executive Director of Nursing and Quality and Acting Deputy Chief Executive), Jenny Longden (Deputy Director of Nursing) and Jane Credland (Head of Nursing for Medicine). As part of the award, she received a stone hand-carved sculpture called ‘The Healer’s Touch’ from Zimbabwe.
Jenny said: “I was really surprised when Sally, Jenny and Jane came into my office to present me with the DAISY award – I wasn’t expecting it at all, and it was quite overwhelming.
“It’s always nice to receive recognition and thanks for what we do, but when the praise comes from a patient it’s even more special. The words they wrote about me were amazing. It’s easy to forget that some of the little things we do can make such a big difference to our patients and this was a lovely reminder.
“The DAISY Award presentation is so special. Each element of the presentation from the cinnamon buns to the statue has meaning, and listening to the story behind the DAISY Foundation was really humbling.”


Have you got a wonderful nurse in mind that you would like to celebrate?

The DAISY Award is an ongoing award process and is your opportunity to say thank you to a nurse at Sheffield Children’s. Please take five minutes to nominate them on the DAISY Award webpage.

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