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Congratulations to our International Nurses Day DAISY winner, Cynthia Checkley

Cynthia Checkley is a Daisy Award winner
04 June 2021

As part of International Nurses Day, a special DAISY award winner was announced. Cynthia Checkley, a Deputy Clinical Nurse Manager/Learning Environment Manager (LEM) on Sapphire Lodge at Becton, was nominated as a “well loved and respected colleague and a fantastic role model to mental health nursing, with a can do attitude that helps to keep the whole team going.”

The nomination added that Cynthia is keen to do whatever is necessary to get our vulnerable young people the compassionate and safe care they need, even if it means working nights or at short notice.

In her role as LEM, she encourages students, helping them benefit from an enabling learning environment as well as providing fantastic pastoral support to students and colleagues alike.
Cynthia said: “To say I was shocked to find out that I had not only been nominated but chosen for the DAISY award is an understatement. To find out I had won on International Nurses Day and to be presented the award by a group of nurses I look up to and that inspire me was not only very humbling but meant a lot to me.

“I work with a group of dedicated and hardworking nurses and support staff who are all deserving of recognition for the work they do for the young people in our care. I would like to thank my colleague who nominated me and for the kind words they said about me, it is an honour to be seen and singled out amongst so many brilliant colleagues who come in everyday and give their all.” 
Cynthia has worked as a clinical nurse on Sapphire since 2016 and was promoted to her current role in 2019. 

As part of the award, Cynthia received a stone hand-carved sculpture called ‘The Healer’s Touch’ from Zimbabwe.

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