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Clean Air Zone coming to Sheffield City Centre

Sheffield Children's exterior
21 February 2023

From Monday 27 February 2023, Sheffield City Council will be introducing a clean air zone over the inner ring road and city centre. You can view the map on their website.

This means that non-compliant vehicles will be charged, so check online to find out if your vehicle will be charged or if you’re eligible for an exemption.

Please note however that this is only affecting business vehicles at this time, not private cars or motorbikes.

If you or your business is based in Sheffield or Rotherham and runs LGVs then you could be eligible to apply for a temporary exemption until 5 June 2023. If you own a Hackney Carriage taxi licensed with Sheffield City Council you will not be charged until 5 June 2023 – the exemption will be set up automatically.

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust welcomes this news. Tackling air pollution is a key driver in our Trust Green Plan for 2020-2025, and our colleagues cycled 500 miles from London to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow to 2021 to deliver the ‘Health Climate Prescription’, a document signed by 45 million healthcare professionals worldwide, which calls on world leaders to make air pollution a priority in climate action and sustainable development activities.

Children are more susceptible to air pollution than adults, and it’s believed that this is because they breathe more rapidly than adults and absorb more pollutants. As smaller people, they are also closer to the ground, where some pollutants reach peak concentrations and at a time when their brains and bodies are still developing.

John Williams, Deputy Chief Executive and Lead for our Green Plan, said: “Our aim as a children’s NHS trust is to create a healthier future for children and young people and we know air pollution contributes to poorer health outcomes. In towns and cities like Sheffield, the main source of air pollution is traffic.

“We recently installed an air quality monitor outside our Western Bank hospital site to keep track of the air that our patients, families and colleagues are breathing. It will be interesting to see how the new clean air zone will take effect in the future.” 

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