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Celebrating Pride at Sheffield Children’s

pride flag on building
21 July 2022

A message from Sheffield Children’s LGBTQ+ Equality Network

Around the world, June is recognised as LGBTQ+ Pride Month to commemorate a tipping point in queer history, the 1969 Stonewall uprising.

2022 is a pivotal year in the UK for LGBTQ+ history, as 50 years have passed since the first Pride in London (1972). Today, Pride month see millions across the country celebrate and protest in support of LGBTQ+ rights.

However, it is important to remember that the first Pride was born out of a struggle and not a celebration, with an uprising led by queer people of colour. Although it’s fair to say that LGBTQ+ rights have come a long way since 1972, there’s still a long way to go before LGBTQ+ people have true equality.

In line with Sheffield, we (Sheffield Children’s LGBTQ+ Equality Network) are celebrating Pride in July. This Pride, we would encourage everyone to think about ‘What Pride means’ to you, your loved ones, colleagues and patients.

painted tea light with rainbow colours

Pride Artfelt workshops for patients

The LGBTQ+ Equality Network have worked with Artfelt, The Children’s Hospital Charity’s art programme, to put on workshops throughout July for patients and families. These workshops see artists, patients and families talking about what pride means to them.

Mark Randall, co-chair of the LGBT+ network at the Trust said: “Our young people are at the heart of what we do, so to raise awareness of Pride, we have asked “what does pride mean to you” to capture their voices. The role of the network is not only to work towards Sheffield Children’s being a safe place for colleagues but also our patients and their families. This workshop is a great way to create opportunities for celebration of pride and conversations with others.”

Artfelt will be curating a digital collection of art pieces by patients, and bringing together a collection of words used by patients about what Pride means to them.

The first workshop was on Ward 3 with Artist Charlotte Fairclough – pictured Chloe with her rainbow and read her story here.

In this latest workshop patients on wards 1 and 3 at Sheffield Children’s Hospital worked with artist Emma Smith to create rainbow themed lights. It’s an opportunity for patients to explore colours of the rainbow and explore what they’re proud of while they’re creating their art pieces.


the word pride in colours

Becton School workshops

The network also partnered with colleagues at the Becton School at the Becton Centre to gather young people’s thoughts on what pride meant to them.


a progression pride flag

The created artwork which highlighted phrases and words including:

  • “celebrating individuality”
  • “Pride month means to me you can express what you want to be”
  • “respecting everyone’s choices and being supportive of whatever that is”
  •  “proud”
  •  “accepting everyone!”
  •  “pride! we’re all the same. spread the love!”
  •  “pride is a time where everyone celebrates who they are as individuals and their identities.”
  •  “one month of the year where i can be myself freely”
  • “respect”


We’re so glad we can talk openly with young people about what Pride means to them and celebrate it.


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