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Anish and Marta on the first Overseas NHS Workers Day

Overseas NHS Workers
05 March 2021

On the first Overseas NHS Workers Day, Sheffield Children’s would like to celebrate the contributions of our international staff, whose skills and dedication have helped everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anish Nrk joined Sheffield Children’s after growing up in the southernmost part of India, which is called Kerala.

He said: “Kerala is known as ‘God’s own Country’ because of its terrestrial beauty and is on the ‘One of the must see 50 destinations of a lifetime’ as reported by National Geographic. When I reached Sheffield I learned that it is also part of ‘God’s own Country’.

“So now I say to everyone I travelled from one ‘God’s own Country’ to another!”

Anish became part of the Trust after he was selected for a fellowship opportunity through Royal College of Psychiatrists. He now works as a Medic in Community CAMHS based at Centenary House.

Anish said: “My role is to work with other colleagues in the team to help young people who need medication as well as therapy.

“I have felt safe during the pandemic because of the support and care extended by the Trust and my colleagues. The tagline is true, that ‘we are in this together’.

Marta Cohen arrived at Sheffield Children’s in 2003, after spending time at Sor Maria Ludovica Children’s Hospital in La Plata, in Argentina.

She said: “In February 2003, I sent my CV to an NHS England recruitment email and a week later I received a letter from the then Prime Minister Tony Blair, offering me the opportunity to enrol in an international recruitment scheme.”

Marta is now a Consultant Paediatric Pathologist, and is part of the Histopathology team; a specialty which aims to study the causes and effects of diseases through the examination of tissues under a microscope.

In 2020, Marta was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for her groundbreaking services to the treatment of Sudden Death Syndrome.

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