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Amarah: celebrating her birthday on Ward 1

mum Anisa and two year old Amarah at Sheffield childrens - Amarah is in a brightly coloured cot, wearing a pink top
08 July 2021

Amarah is celebrating her second birthday on Ward 1!Amarah, two, smiling with a pink top next to a big pink number 2 balloon

Although Amarah is here for her birthday, her mum Anisa says it is ‘very much like home’ as they spend lots of time here. The staff and Anisa got together to make it as special as possible, with lots of cards, presents and decorations for Amarah.

Anisa said: “The staff on Ward 1 are amazing! I can’t fault them one bit. Because we’ve been in and out so much it’s like coming home to our family, particularly over lockdown we were here for three months and it really felt like we were one big family. It’s a lovely thing because we feel so comfortable with everyone. I don’t leave her when I’m here, but if I did need to I know she’s in the best hands. The surgeons are amazing too, they know her so well and they put 100% into everything, they’re brilliant.”

Amarah has been in and out of Sheffield Children’s for most of her life, as she as a number of issues with her bowels. This has meant she has needed surgery and medical support to help her. Her most recent stay is because she has had a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding tube put in place to help her take in food and drink better. She’s also had an ileostomy, which connected the last part of the small intestine to the abdominal wall. Previously she’s also had colostomy surgery. This diverts part of the bowel through an opening in the tummy, and connects the colon to the abdominal wall.

Amarah also has Down Syndrome and receives support from our Ryegate Centre with Physiotherapist Julie and Occupational Therapist Rachel.

Anisa said: “They are brilliant with her therapy! We either go to Ryegate, or if we can’t make it after Amarah’s surgery, they visit us at home, they make the whole process easier.”

We hope that Amarah had a good day with her extended family here at Sheffield Children’s!

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