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Time critical and acute transfers

Nurses loading equipment into ambulance

Time critical transfers by the referral hospital team

Certain conditions demand prompt management and transfer such as neurosurgical emergencies. All hospitals should have the facility to urgently transfer patients should a time-critical transfer be required. Embrace will provide advice and assist with co-ordinating these transfers.

If it is decided that the local team would be best to perform the transfer we would advise the use of the STOPP tool to aide this. Guidance on how to request an emergency YAS ambulance may also be useful.

Acute transfers requests

For all acute transfer requests please call our 24 hour hotline on 0114 305 8200 and choose the appropriate option when prompted.

One of our dedicated call handlers will answer your call and record basic patient details prior to connecting your call to one of our transport consultants.  The acute call medical control form gives you a clear understanding of the structure of the referral process and the information you will be asked. A conference call including the appropriate specialists will ensue.

If an Embrace team is available and appropriate for the transfer, they will endeavour to depart within 30 minutes of your call. Whilst awaiting their arrival it is important to continue efforts to stabilise and prepare the patient for transfer. Feel free to use network and Embrace guidelines to assist you. You may also want to read our resources for referring patients with specific conditions.

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