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Specific condition referrals

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For all acute transfer requests please call our 24 hour hotline on 0114 305 8200.

In addition to network and Embrace guidelines, we have further guidance for the following specific conditions:

Neurosurgical emergencies

These will be accepted in Leeds or Sheffield for definitive treatment regardless of their PICU bedstate. In these scenarios, the neurosurgeons will liaise with the necessary departments and arrangements will be made for their continuing care after they have received definitive treatment.

If your hospital does not automatically share radiology images with the receiving hospital then please send by PACS.


Embrace will assist in the referral of children with burns to regional services and transfer children who require ongoing critical care.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital has a Burns Unit, with intensive care support, and can provide care for children with burns up to 30% total body surface area (TBSA).

Pinderfields Hospital has a burns unit and can provide care for children up to 15% TBSA except for infants under one year when the threshold is 10% TBSA.

Leeds General Infirmary has on-site plastics specialists but no burns services. The intensive care can look after children with minor burns only but suffering with other problems such as smoke inhalation.

Manchester Children’s Hospital has a burns centre and care for the full range of burn injuries including intensive care.

Please refer to the Yorkshire & Humber Burns Pathway document for more details including contact numbers to discuss cases directly with your local service.

Please use the Northern Burn Care Network documentation when caring for, referring and transferring children with burns.


Sepsis is a clinical syndrome caused by the body’s immune and coagulation systems being switched on by an infection. Sepsis with shock is a life-threatening condition that is characterised by low blood pressure despite adequate fluid replacement, and organ dysfunction or failure. Sepsis is a significant condition which can cause death in people of all ages.

Embrace supports The UK Sepsis Trust in their ‘Sepsis 6’ initiative. The guidance and clinical toolkits are produced in collaboration with NICE and support the implementation of NICE guideline NG51 (2016).

It is important to recognise the signs and symptoms of sepsis early and respond immediately, including review by an experienced clinician.

Embrace welcomes referral calls for clinical advice and/or critical care transfer relating to neonates and children with sepsis.

Please use the following documents to support your care of children with proven or suspected sepsis in the first hour:

Inherited metabolic conditions

Inherited metabolic diseases are genetic disorders that result in problems with the metabolism. A defective gene causes an enzyme deficiency which means that certain essential substances found in food can’t be converted properly by the body.

Embrace transfers patients with inherited metabolic diseases to the specialist centres in Sheffield and Manchester. We recommend that referring teams refer to the British Inherited Metabolic Diseases Group emergency guidelines.

We are able to conference call specialists in inherited metabolic diseases for further advice as required.

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