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Stabilisation and pre-transfer preparation

Embrace ambulance

Care given prior to the transfer of patients is an essential component of the transfer process. You can seek advice by calling Embrace and speaking to the transport consultant and other specialist medical staff as necessary.

The following documents will guide you in preparing your patient for transfer:

Steps to ensure the smooth transfer of patients

  • Starting an Embrace observation chart (PDF)
  • Prescribing and labelling medications and infusions according to the Embrace drug chart (PDF)
  • Completing medical and nursing discharge paperwork
  • Photocopying medical and nursing documentation from this admission
  • Copying X-rays and scans to CD (or hard copies made) if PACS transfer unavailable

It is essential that a transfer letter, paediatric transfer form or Badger summary has been written for the receiving clinical team. This must be ready to be taken to the receiving hospital by Embrace.

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