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Quality improvement

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Embrace has been operating since 2010 and as a more mature organisation our focus has shifted from development to improvement.

Feedback from families and referring/receiving hospitals is essential for identifying areas where we can improve the service. See our Annual Report for detailed feedback responses and analysis.

The Annual Report also includes a section on clinical governance and quality improvement.

External benchmarking organisations

We submit data to three benchmarking organisations to help drive quality improvement:

Every paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and paediatric transport team in the UK and Eire submit quality data to the Paediatric Intensive Care Audit Network (PICANet). PICANet annual reports are available on their website.


The UK Neonatal Transport Group (NTG) collates data from every neonatal transport team in the UK over a six month period January to June every year. The annual returns are presented to allow benchmarking relating to activity, key performance indicators and service provision. The NTG dataset presentations are available on their website.  

The Ground and Air Medical qUality Transport (GAMUT) database is a US based system which tracks, reports and analyses performance on key transport specific quality metrics allowing comparison with other teams. Metrics apply to adult, paediatric and neonatal transport.

It is hosted by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with support from the Air Medical Physicians Association (AMPA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Transport Medicine.

Embrace began submitting data in January 2015, the first transport service in Europe to do so.

NHS England Peer Review

Embrace welcomed the NHS England Quality Surveillance Team in April 2018 to conduct a peer review of our paediatric critical care transport activity. You can find the report below. Following a detailed review of the report we are working through an action plan.

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