Planned transfers and repatriations

neonatal equipment

As well as acute critical care transfers, we also provide planned transfers and repatriations.

We will identify a cot or bed in the desired hospital and try to find a suitable alternative should one not be available, which should save you time ringing around different hospitals.

In these circumstances we ask that a planned back transfer booking form is filled in and emailed or faxed to us so that we can prioritise and allocate the appropriate resources to the transfer.

Because there is often a delay in a bed becoming available, Embrace will ring the referring unit on the morning of transfer to confirm the clinical condition of the patient. This is so that an appropriately skilled team can be deployed.

Transfer documentation

Transferred patients need appropriate documentation for their ongoing care. A photocopy of all recent relevant notes including the blood test results and drug prescription chart are essential for all patients.

For paediatric patients you may wish to write a letter for the accepting team.

For neonatal patients we ask that an updated Badger summary is completed.

Please PACS any important radiology images to the receiving hospital.

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