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The transport process

Before the Embrace team arrive

All hospitals in our region have the ability to provide urgent and emergency care to infants and children. However, transfer to another hospital may be necessary when specialist care such as paediatric surgery or ongoing intensive care support is required.

When infants and children are critically unwell, the local hospital will initiate treatment, then telephone Embrace for advice and if required, an Embrace team will come to the hospital and transfer your child.

When the Embrace team arrive

The Embrace team is made up of a doctor or advanced nurse practitioner (ANP), a transport nurse and ambulance driver.

When the Embrace team arrive, they will introduce themselves to the family and the local team. They will then get a full clinical handover and review any x-rays / scans / blood results. They will then assess your child and start to change equipment and monitoring over to the transport equipment.

During this time the Embrace team will optimise the level of support your child requires.

The team will provide you with information about Embrace, the hospital your child is going to and keep you informed of your child’s care.

The transfer

The doctor/ANP will speak with the receiving intensive care consultant and unit prior to leaving. This will allow them to prepare for when the Embrace team arrive.

Once the team have ensured your child and all the equipment is secure, they will travel using our own specially equipped ambulances. We can also use an air ambulance, if we felt time or distance may be a concern.

Parents/carers should not follow the ambulance and take due care and attention on their journey to the receiving hospital.

We welcome you to feedback to us on your experience of the Embrace service. Your feedback helps us monitor and improve our service.

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