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In July 2014 Embrace gained accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) board for ground, fixed wing and rotor wing transport of critically ill babies and children.

Embrace is the only service in the UK and one of only seven services outside the USA to be awarded the prestigious accreditation.

CAMTS is a non-profit agency dedicated to evaluating medical transport services against industry-established criteria. It believes that the two highest priorities of an air medical or ground transport service are patient care and safety of the transport environment.

The Accreditation Standards consist of measurable criteria to demonstrate a programme’s level of quality.

In March 2016 the fixed wing accreditation was withdrawn by CAMTS after our partner CEGA Air Ambulance ceased to trade. Embrace retains the capacity to provide fixed wing transport when required but this is not carried out as a CAMTS accredited organisation. We also retain accreditation for ground and rotor wing transport. We will provide full transparent information regarding our accreditation status at the time of referral.

Accreditation process

The process involved a comprehensive evaluation of the service including:

  • CAMTS staff – an average of more than 40 hours guiding and providing assistance to each applicant
  • Site surveyors – more than 150 hours studying the Program Information Form and completing the site visit
  • CAMTS Board of Directors – 20 hours of final review and recommendations

Benefits of accreditation include:

  • Credibility and distinction gained through the certificate of accreditation and inclusion on the accredited services list
  • Recognition by peers and ability to stay abreast of current professional practice

Embrace partners

The Embrace team are grateful to their partners Yorkshire Ambulance Service, The Children’s Air Ambulance, IAS Medical and Air Alliance for their support and assistance throughout the accreditation process.

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