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Aeromedical transfers

Pilot flying at dusk in air ambulance

Embrace has the capacity to move patients by fixed wing aircraft both within the UK and from abroad. We work with IAS Medical, based at Teeside Airport, and Air Alliance, based at Birmingham.

We have access to equipment that will accommodate babies, infants, children and adolescents meaning that we can transfer patients from birth to 16.

A parent or carer can often accompany their child but this depends on a number of factors and the final decision will be made during the booking process.

aeromedical transfer


Embrace can also transfer patients by helicopter working with The Children’s Air Ambulance or utilising Search and Rescue aircraft.

We are also proud to work with Yorkshire Air Ambulance to move specialist medical teams and equipment to our sickest patients quickly.

Patients can be ventilated, fully monitored and on multiple infusions. Transfer on nitric oxide can also be provided.

Requesting a flight transfer

To request a flight transfer, please call our referral number on 0114 268 8180. Your referral will be triaged by one of our transport consultants who are available 24 hours a day.

Embrace will assist with bed-finding and will offer advice as to whether transport by air is appropriate.

Air transfers map

Each line on the map below represents a route flown with one of our aviation partners.

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