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Staff A-Z

Staff A-Z

Browse or search for members of staff to find out more about them and the teams they work in. You can also browse teams.

Tom Endacott

Role - Team Leader, Mainstream Schools

Terri Greenwood

Role - Medical Education Administrator

Tracy Hilton

Role - Ambulance Driver

Tom Hodgkinson

Role - NIHR CYP Med Tech Project Manager

Tammy Kammin

Role - Genetic Counsellor

Tess Knight

Role - Mental Health Practitioner

Theresa Maley

Role - Admin

Tammy Mappin-Nixon

Role - Medical Support Secretary

Tania Osborne

Role - Service Manager

Terri Fitzakerley

Role - Mandatory Training Lead

Tracy Rew

Role - Rheumatology Secretary

Trudie Smallwood

Role - Volunteer Co-Ordinator
Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Sheffield Children's@SheffChildrens
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