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Staff A-Z

Staff A-Z

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Nichola Anderson

Role - Major Trauma Nurse Co-ordinator

Nancy Brady

Role - Specialist Sleep Practitioner

Nichola Cowie

Role - Metabolic Nurse Specialist

Nick DelNero

Role - Gastroenterology Nursing Team Co-ordinator

Nia Foster

Role - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Nicholas Harrison

Role - Lead Nurse for CAMHS

Natalie Jones

Role - Ambulance Driver

Natasha Koraichi

Role - Family Therapist

Neelum Mistry

Role - Trainee Clinical Scientist

Nadine Armitage

Role - Administrator

Naomi Burton

Role - Clerical Support Officer

Nicola Webb

Role - Senior Clinical Psychologist

Nick Parker

Role - Executive Director of People and Organisational Development

Natalia Shepley

Role - Clinical Physiologist

Nicola Stewart

Role - Gastroenterology Secretary

Natalie Webb

Role - Senior Transport Nurse/Educator
Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
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Debbie, mum of 15-year-old Dan who died at Sheffield Children's Hospital in 2018 and donated his organs, speaks abo…
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