Staff A-Z

Staff A-Z

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Kerry Cottage

Role - Vocational Educational Scheme Co-ordinator

Karen Fletcher

Role - Senior Transport Nurse

Kelly Hetherington

Role - Radiographer

Kevin Hirst

Role - Ambulance Driver

Dr Kathryn Holden

Role - Staff Governor Other Clinical / Senior Clinical Psychologist

Karin Newton

Role - CF Nurse Specialist

Kat Braisdell

Role - CF Nurse Specialist

Kate Mackintosh

Role - Physiotherapist

Katie Smith

Role - Rheumatology Administrator

Kelly Hollamby

Role - Physiotherapist

Kate Sanderson

Role - Interim Matron for Surgery and Critical Care

Kirsty Straker

Role - MRI Radiographer

Keely Tongue

Role - Team Leader for Darnall/Tinsley and Manor/Park Teams

Katie Wren

Role - Dietitian
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