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Staff A-Z

Staff A-Z

Browse or search for members of staff to find out more about them and the teams they work in. You can also browse teams.

Jobby Abraham

Role - MRI Radiographer

Joyce Afflick

Role - Orthopaedic Technician

Julia Antcliffe

Role - 0-19 Team Leader

Joanne Arch

Role - Public Governor - Sheffield

Jill Baker

Role - Medical Education Administrator

Jill Baker

Role - Occupational Therapist

Jessica Baxter

Role - Waiting List Coordinator

John Beachill

Role - Research Data Manager

Judith Bramhill

Role - Specialist Occupational Therapist

Jennifer Brownley

Role - Sister

Jon Bryan

Role - Medical Education Quality Manager

Jade Bryant

Role - Transport Nurse

James Bull

Role - Neurology Nurse Specialist

Jo Chubb

Role - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Jane Clawson

Role - Deputy Director of People and OD

Julie Cole

Role - Paediatric Liaison Nurse

Jane Credland

Role - Matron for Medicine

Jackie Cutts

Role - Neurology Nurse Specialist

Jane Davenport

Role - Office Manager

Jennifer Davies

Role - Clinical Genetics Research Assistant

Janet Dickins

Role - Paediatric Sleep Disorders Nurse Specialist

Jon Eggleton

Role - Non-executive Director

Jude Ellis

Role - Head of Medical Education

Jason Evans

Role - Staff Governor - Other Clinical Healthcare

Jayne Evans

Role - Research Nurse

Jacqueline Fox

Role - Senior Audiologist

Janelle Gardiner

Role - Head of Service

Jennifer Gethin

Role - Specialist Clinical Physiologist

Jenna Goddard

Role - Highly Specialist Clinical Physiologist

Jordan Goodinson

Role - Specialist Physiotherapist

Julie Grant

Role - Secretary

Jacqueline Griffin

Role - Freedom To Speak Up Guardian

Jo Hadfield

Role - Clinical Nurse Specialist - Nutrition

Jeanette Hall

Role - Research Nurse

Jan Hervo

Role - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Jack Hiscock

Julie Hook

Role - Ambulance Driver

Jasmine Hopper

Role - Transport Nurse

Julie Hughes

Role - Clinical Nurse Specialist for Pain

Jade Boswell

Role - Occupational Therapist

Jane Kirby

Role - Senior Physiologist

Jane Kirkby

Role - Highly Specialist Clinical (Respiratory) Physiologist

Jayne Morley

Role - ED Reception Team Leader

Jenny Edgerton

Role - Rheumatology Clinical Nurse Specialist

Jenny Cherrington

Role - ED Nurse Educator

Josanne McLean

Role - CF Administrator

Julie Parker

Role - Clinical Nurse Lead

Jessica Lipski

Role - Public Governor – Rest of South Yorkshire

Justine Lister

Role - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Jim Lithgow

Role - Data Co-ordinator

Julie Mather

Role - Patient Advice and Liaison Service Manager

Joanne McLean

Role - LAACH Co-ordinator

Jessica Medlam

Role - Call Handler

Jessica Merrin

Role - Occupational Therapist

Julie Morcombe

Role - Research Nurse

Jenny Murfin

Role - Audiologist

Jo Oxley

Role - Gastroenterology Secretary

Janet Pearson

Role - Highly Specialist Clinical Physiologist / Epilepsy Surgery Co-ordinator

Justine Redhead

Role - Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Janine Reynolds

Role - Paediatric Sleep Disorders Nurse Specialist - Team Lead

Jane Robinson

Role - Principal Physiotherapist & Team Lead

Jane Scott

Role - Senior Audiologist

Janet Shackleton

Role - Clinical Research Network Research Officer

Joanne Slater

Role - Support Pain Team Administrator

Jason Sowter

Role - Research Co-ordinator

Joanne Wade

Role - 0-19 Specialist Vulnerability Practitioner

Joanne Ward

Role - Paediatric Liaison Nurse

Jo Whiston

Role - Lead Nurse

Jane White

Role - Paediatric Liaison Nurse

Joanne Wild

Role - Clerical Officer

John Williams

Role - Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Chief Executive

Joanne Wragg

Role - Director of Pharmacy
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