Staff A-Z

Staff A-Z

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Collette Cordon

Role - Team Leader for Foxhill/Southey Team

Cathy Byrne

Role - Public Governor - North Derbyshire

Caroline Knowles

Role - Clerical Support Officer

Catherine Ross-Weston

Role - Volunteer

Catherine Dunbar

Role - Occupational Therapist

Chloe Wright

Role - Occupational Therapist

Claire Broadhurst

Role - Clinical Nurse Specialist in Sleep

Clare Nash

Role - Paediatric Rheumatology Pharmacist

Carl Corbidge

Role - Highly Specialist Clinical Physiologist

Carol Ellis

Role - Healthcare Science Assistant

Cheryl Gleadall

Role - Team Leader for Ivy Lodge

Claire Green

Role - Genetic Counsellor

Claire Harness

Role - Deputy Director of Nursing

Chris Heafey

Role - Deputy Superintendent Radiographer

Chris Hett

Role - Specialist Clinical Physiologist

Claire McLean

Role - Transport Nurse Educator

Csilla Megyesi

Role - Occupational Therapist

Claire Mizler

Role - Metabolic Clinical Nurse Specialist

Charlotte Moore

Role - Public Governor - Sheffield

Christine Ramsden

Role - Clinical Nurse Specialist/Operational Lead

Carol Smith

Role - Senior Healthcare Science Assistant

Candice Sutcliffe

Role - Advanced Practice Physiotherapist

Claire Tallis

Role - Diabetes Nurse

Clare Taunton

Role - Specialist Clinical Physiologist

Claire Tripathi

Role - Neuro-oncology Team Leader / Trauma and Rehabilitation Co-ordinators

Charlotte Waite

Role - Professional Service Manager, Neurophysiology

Claire Wragg

Role - Highly Specialist Clinical Physiologist
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