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Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Our comprehensive service sees patients with common and rare gastrointestinal problems and we are the national centre for endoscopy in children. We are pioneers in minimally invasive surgery and treat children from all over the world.

Gastroenterology - an introduction

Welcome to the Department of Gastroenterological and Hepatological Medicine.

Our highly skilled multidisciplinary team provides the best possible care for children with gastrointestinal, nutritional and liver problems and their families. 

We look after patients aged 0-19 referred from all around the UK and internationally with a wide range of problems from gastroesophageal reflux through to inflammatory bowel disease.

We have a very strong commitment to clinical excellence and research, contributing to continuity of improvement in clinical care. 

Training centre

We are the national training centre for endoscopy in paediatrics and we are the drivers for minimally invasive endoscopic techniques for therapeutic treatments and diagnosis in childhood, not only for the UK but worldwide. 

We have the internationally acclaimed Academy for Paediatric Endoscopy Training sited within our group. As much as is possible, we fit with national and international guidelines and care pathways for standard diseases. 


We are all committed to keeping children at home as much as is possible and we run an active home parenteral nutrition service.

We work closely with our Paediatric Dietetic colleagues and provide a one stop shop for paediatric nutrition including gastrostomy insertion and feeding aversion studies such as video fluoroscopy. We often do procedures combined with our Respiratory and ENT colleagues such as bronchoscopy and laryngoscopy at the same time as upper GI endoscopy and reflux studies. 

Many different types of milks are provided, produced by a dedicated milk kitchen at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Parenteral nutrition is provided on an inpatient basis and at home. An active multidisciplinary team focus their energies on this area on a daily inpatient basis. This consists of a consultant paediatric gastroenterologist, consultant paediatric surgeon, a consultant paediatric pharmacist, dietitian and support services. 

All types of specialised formulas for infants and children are available.

Expert Care

We have a dedicated multidisciplinary team with very experienced consultants, nurse specialists, specialist psychologist and feeding therapists and we offer the whole range of gastrointestinal investigations. 

We work closely with our paediatric colleagues in respiratory medicine, ENT, paediatric surgery and all other disciplines including intensive care and oncology and immunology units.

Our 'Excellence'

Our cutting edge and state of the art equipment includes:

Wireless capsule endoscopy
We are the forerunner for this technology within the UK and one of a small number of units recognised internationally for research in this area. Watch our video on having a wireless capsule endoscopy.

Small bowel investigation and therapeutic unit
Double balloon enteroscopies and spiral enteroscopies are the natural sister investigation to wireless capsule endoscopies. We are the national centre for endoscopic small bowel investigation and treatment, and children come to us from all over the UK.

Minimally invasive endoscopy
We have pioneered this strategy for treatment of conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux with transoral incisionless fundoplication, pyloric stenosis, duodenal narrowing and many other structural pathologies in the gastrointestinal tract such as pancreatic pseudocysts which we have treated endoscopically. 

We work closely with our surgical colleagues and provide a joint service for more sophisticated endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures, which is unique in the UK and Paediatrics.

Thematic clinics
We run thematic clinics for inflammatory bowel disease, feeding aversion and disorders, hepatology, nutritional deficits, enteropathic processes such as coeliac disease, and transition of adolescent patients.

We are the busiest endotherapeutic unit in the UK for children and are always at the forefront of developments in this area. We are also one of the busiest endoscopy units in the country and run seven dedicated endoscopy lists a week.

We regularly have international trainees from Europe, the Middle East and North America visiting our unit for sabbaticals to learn more sophisticated techniques.

We also run regular colonoscopy, upper GI endoscopy and wireless capsule endoscopy courses, the details of these can be found on the BSPGHAN and ESPGHAN websites. 

We input into the national process for guidance groups for National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE).


The six consultants in Paediatric Gastroenterology have an extremely strong record of research and have 200-300 peer reviewed publications to their names. 

In addition, our consultants produce many text books including standard undergraduate and postgraduate texts for general paediatrics, the standard texts for gastrointestinal endoscopy, contributions to chapters in the definitive text books for paediatric oesophagus, stomach, general gastrointestinal diseases, nutrition, liver disease and a very strong input to endoscopy, including wireless capsule endoscopy for paediatrics. 

Particular areas of research and interest include:

  • Immunology in the GI tract
  • Endoscopy training
  • GI research in cystic fibrosis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Minimally invasive endoscopy input
  • Obesity treatment by endoscopy

In addition to local and national studies led from Sheffield, the department also participates in large multi-centre studies.

Contact Us


Dr David Campbell: 0114 226 0745
Dr Sally Connolly: 0114 226 0745
Dr Priya Narula: 0114 271 7673
Dr Prithvi Rao: 0114 226 7884
Dr Mike Thomson: 0114 271 7673
Professor Chris Taylor: 0114 226 7884
Nurse Specialists: 0114 271 7111 or 271 7162

Information about the Trust's Metabolic Disease team in the Centre of Excellence

Metabolic Disease

We provide specialist clinical care, dedicated dietetic support and monitoring for all children with metabolic conditions. Our specialised laboratory and screening facilities have an international reputation.

Metabolic Disease - an introduction

Welcome to our Inherited Metabolic Disease Service where we have a highly skilled multidisciplinary team of professionals working together to provide the best diagnostic facilities and care for our patients.

As long ago as the 1930s conditions began to be described that resulted in severe developmental delay caused by inherited disorders of metabolism, one of the first was PKU (phenylketonuria) and almost 40 years later 'screening' was introduced for every baby born in the UK to identify and treat each case before damage occurred.

This provided a model for other conditions and was one of the pioneering advances of medicine in the 20th century.

While individually rare, collectively they are among the most common reasons for admission to hospital during early childhood.   

Their recognition and treatment depends upon the close alliance of specialised laboratory and screening services, specialist clinical care and dedicated dietetic support and monitoring.   


Expert Care

Prof Jim Bonham is head of the laboratory service and has more than thirty years experience in the field of inborn errors of metabolism. He currently leads a number of relevant national and international groups providing services in this area.

Dr Mark Sharrard and Prof Sufin Yap have extensive experience in Sheffield and overseas and Dr Sharrard currently leads the newly formed East Midlands/South Yorkshie IMD Network.

Dr Simon Olpin leads the metabolic section of the laboratory, publishes regularly and is a frequent speaker at national and international meetings particularly relating to the study of defects of fat oxidation.

Other members of the team make unique contributions in the field of newborn screening, molecular genetics, tissue culture and enzyme assay and metabolite studies. The service leads several relevant research studies.

Our 'Excellence'


We are fortunate in Sheffield in having leading laboratory and screening facilities that enjoy an international reputation.   

Our clinical service provides advice and care over a wide geographic base that includes South Yorkshire and the East Midlands. 

We see children from birth until their carefully managed transition into adult care.  

The integration and co-location of those involved with their diagnosis and treatment is a feature of the service that we provide and we benefit from hosting leading Regional services for Newborn Screening, Genetics and Laboratory Metabolic Disease.   

These services currently play important roles in the national development and leadership of these specialties.   

We are able to accept 24/7 clinical referrals of paediatric patients and instigate transfer of adolescent IMD patients to adult services under formal transition arrangements.  


Our expertise allows us to provide timely diagnosis with appropriate counselling and psychological support.  

In collaboration with the dietetic and pharmacy departments we provide high quality proactive diet and/or drug treatment and care and agree and monitor compliance.

We also have an important educational and advice role providing expert advice and education to primary, secondary and tertiary care provider units under agreed shared care arrangements and to professionals of other specialised services, e.g. nephrology, cardiology, neurology, linked to IMD conditions.

Newborn screening

The newborn screening laboratory at Sheffield performs testing on all babies born in South Yorkshire and East Midlands, a population of 5.3 million and is the second largest regional centre in the UK with an annual birthrate in excess of 76,000.  

The centre is well staffed and equipped with the latest analytical equipment linked to a new generation of laboratory IT systems, the first of its kind in the UK.

We are currently leading and co-ordinating a pilot to expand the national screening programme to include five additional inherited metabolic disorders.

Members of the department play key roles in relevant professional bodies including the UK Newborn Screening Laboratory Network as Chair and website lead; Paediatric NEQAS as Chair; MetBioNet (a stakeholder group of labs involved in IMD testing) as lead; ERNDIM (an international EQA provider in the area) as Chair of the advisory board.


The department plays an active role in research and is involved in a number of national and international teaching and training activities.

The newborn screening trial is one of the biggest research projects currently being run.

Contact Us

Dr Jim Bonham
0114 271 7318

Haematology & Oncology Clinic sign


We are one of 20 Principal Treatment Centres in the UK and Ireland. We provide specialist care for children with cancer and leukaemia within South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Derbyshire.

Oncology services

Find out more about all Oncology services at Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust.
A-Z of services


Information for medical professionals about referring to our Oncology and Malignant Haematology Service.
Refer to us

Oncology - an introduction

Welcome to our Oncology Service where we see patients aged 0-19 years from the South Yorkshire region extending to the east coast at Grimsby; a population of roughly 2.5 million.

We provide a service for the diagnosis, treatment and long term follow up of children with cancer and are the only paediatric standalone JACIE accredited transplant centre for under 16 year olds. As members of the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG - previously the UKCCSG) we work with colleagues across the country to improve treatments and outcomes for these patients.

Our services include:

  • Solid tumours
  • Neuro-oncology (brain tumours)
  • Teenage and young adult cancers
  • Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Late Effects of cancer treatment

Outpatient clinics are held in the Haematology & Oncology Clinic in the Roald Dahl Centre which also has an area for delivery of outpatient chemotherapy.

We have a 14 bed inpatient unit on Ward M3 which has six isolation cubicles, mainly used for children who require protective isolation. We also have four day beds for children receiving day case treatment.

expert care

We have an extensive multidisciplinary team involved in the care of children and teenagers with cancer. 

This includes specialist medical and nursing staff, outreach nurses, play specialists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, dieticians, pharmacists, CLIC Sargent social workers, ward and clinic clerks, teachers and youth workers. Meet the team.

our 'excellence'

Consultant Paediatric Haematologist Professor Ajay Vora is national co-investigator of some leukaemia trials and is the current chair of the National Cancer Research Institute childhood leukaemia clinical trials sub-group.

He is also a lead for international collaborative projects on Down Syndrome Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) and optimising central nervous system therapy in childhood ALL.


The Oncology Service actively participates in a wide range of research.

Eligible solid tumour and leukaemia patients are offered recruitment to all available national and international clinical trials and translational research projects.

Consent is also requested for permission to store tumour tissue and blood in the national tumour bank which are then available for use in approved research studies.

Research is co-ordinated by our Research Nurse, Sue Garbutt.

Contact us

Haematology & Oncology Department
Sheffield Children's Hospital
Western Bank
S10 2TH

Prof Ajay Vora, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Jeanette Payne, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist
Dr Jenny Welch, Consultant Paediatric Haematologist

Hospital switchboard: 0114 271 2700
Ward M3: 0114 271 7309/7322
Haematology & Oncology Outpatients: 0114 271 7268
Oncology secretaries: 0114 271 7366
Haematology secretaries: 0114 271 7477

Major Trauma Centre

Major Trauma

Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust is a nationally designated trauma centre for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. The majority of children involved in major accidents in the area will come to our hospital for care.

Major Trauma - an introduction

The causes of major trauma injuries include road traffic incidents, falls or burns. We treat all of these at Sheffield Children's Hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Patients brought to us with major trauma injuries come to our Emergency Department and are seen initially by our designated trauma team. These are expert medics and nurses who are specifically trained to deal with major injuries.

Patients often arrive by road ambulance or independently but also come to us by the air ambulance which has a landing site in Weston Park opposite the hospital.

Decision on trauma injury

The ambulance service makes a decision on whether or not a patient has a major trauma injury and alerts the Paediatric Emergency Department team of the child's pending hospital arrival.

All patients within a 45 minute ambulance drive will come directly to Sheffield. Others may go to their local hospital first and after being stabilsed will be transported by our dedicated Embrace transport service which transports critically ill children and young people between hospitals.

What happens next

The patient will be met and stabilised by the Major Trauma Team before being moved for tests or admitted to the relevant ward.

Usually major trauma patients will go to Radiology for a Computer Tomography (CT) scan to look at the patient's bones. They will then be admitted to Neurosciences, Burns or Orthopaedic Departments depending on the type of injury.

After the patient has been medically stabilised they then receive rehabilitiation from our dedicated team of therapists. This will include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and speech and language therapists.

National Major Trauma Centre

The Trust was given designation as a Trauma Centre in 2012 as part of a national review of trauma care in the UK. Following a successful visit by independent expert Trauma Consultants our Trust was deemed to provide high quality care for trauma patients.

The assessors reported the Trust had a: 'very impressive institutional commitment to making Major Trauma work.'

In response to the designation we appointed a Trauma and Rehabilitation Co-ordinator who is a family advocate and takes care of each family's individual requirements while receiving our care. The Co-ordinator is a physiotherapist who acts as a single point of contact for each family.

Expert Care

As part of our Trauma Team we have a range of experts who care for each patient.

Team leader

The Trauma Team Leader Emergency Department Consultant leads the team, ensuring all members are aware of their responsibilities for each patient.

The team leader has primary responsilbility for all trauma patients in the Emergency Department until the patient has been formally handed over to the appropriate team for ongoing care.

Wider team

The wider Trauma Team includes an anaesthetist, a surgeon, a lead nurse and a radiographer. They work together to stabilise the patient and in extreme situations to save their lives.

Emergency care

The team provide a high quality Emergency Care Service and can deal with very poorly patients on a daily basis. They help to make sure every patient who comes into hospital with a major Injury is treated by the correct team of medics or surgeons.

Dr Charlie Stack, Consultant Anaesthetist, is the Major Trauma Centre Clinical Lead.

Specialist co-ordinators

Physiotherapists Claire Tripathi and Hannah Keable do a job share arrangement as the Trauma and Rehabilitation Co-ordinator.

This role gives each family a single point of contact for all those involved in their care. This makes sure the patient's care is joined up and co-ordinates professionals including the child's doctors, therapists, nurses, teachers and family.

Our 'Excellence'


Our Trauma Centre is one of just two in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Our consultants are highly specialised and experienced in dealing with paediatric trauma. We have all the major specialities on site making the hospital a one stop shop for paediatric care.


We have dedicated Intensive Care facilities, a on-site Surgical Unit, nationally recognised Orthopaedic, Neurosurgical and Burns Services as well as highly experienced rehabilitation therapists.

All our Emergency Department staff have to meet strict national standards for training.


The Trauma and Rehabilitation Co-ordinator liases with and eventually transfers the patient's care to the Tadworth Brain Injury Co-ordinator who manages their care in the community where appropriate.

Tadworth Trust

Our Trust was one of the first to be involved in a pioneering partnership with the Tadworth Children's Trust who provide a Centre of Excellence Service for children with brain injuries.

Suzanne Brear, the Tadworth Brain Injury Co-ordinator, ensures the patient's care is smooth when they transfer back into the community. She works with families, schools and other professionals.



The Trust is part of the Trauma and Audit Research Network (TARN).

Our TARN co-ordinator daily submits data to the national TARN database to help contribute to national research which will be used to improve patient pathways for future care.

Contact Us

Hannah Keable and Claire Tripathi, Rehabilitation and Trauma Co-ordinators:
Tel: 0114 226 0548

Suazanne Brear, Tadwotrth Brain Injury Co-ordinator:
Tel: 0114 226 0605

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