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Our dedicated Clinical Research Facility was the first of its kind to open in the UK.

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Meet the team

Welcome to our Meet the Team section where you can find out more about the staff who work in each area of the Trust.

You can also use the Staff A-Z to find individual members of staff and read biographies of some of our clinicians.


Allergy Team
Anaesthesia Team
Audiology Team
Bed Management Team
Bereavement Team
Biochemical Genetics Team
Board of Directors
Bone Marrow Transplant Team
CAMHS - Becton Centre Team
CAMHS - Beighton Community CAMHS Team
CAMHS - Centenary Community CAMHS Team
CAMHS - Permanence & Throughcare Team
CAMHS - Youth Offending CAMHS Team
Cardiology Team
Chaplaincy Team
Child Development & Neurodisability Team
Child Health Team
Clinical Chemistry Team
Clinical Genetics Team
Clinical Skills Team
Communications Team
Community Paediatrics Team
Connective Tissue Disorders Team
Council of Governors
Critical Care Team
Cystic Fibrosis Team
Dental Surgery Team
Dermatology Team
Dietetics Team
Ear, Nose & Throat Team
Early Years Physio and OT Team
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Service Team
Embrace Team
Emergency Department Team
Family Nurse Partnership Team
Forensic CAMHS Team
Gait Laboratory Team
Gastroenterology Team
General Paediatrics Team
Genetics (Laboratory Medicine) Team
Haematology & Oncology Team
Haemoglobinopathy Team

Haemophilia & Thrombosis Team
Health Visiting Team
Histopathology Team

Human Resources Team
Infection Prevention & Control Team

Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy Team

Learning & Development Team
Library Team
Limb Reconstruction Team
Looked After & Adoptive Children's Health Team
Metabolic Team
Metabolic Bone Team
Modern Matrons Team
Neonatal Surgical Team
Neuro Spinal Team

Neurology Nursing Team

Neurology Team
Neurorehabilitation Team

Neurosurgical Team
Newborn Screening Team
Ophthalmology Team
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Team
Orthopaedic Team
Orthotics Team
Outpatients Department Team
Paediatric Genetics Team
Paediatric Liaison Service Team
Pain Team
Patient Advice & Liaison Service Team
Pharmacy Team
Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Team
Play Specialists Team
Postgraduate Medical Education Team

Prenatal Services Team
Psychology Team
Radiology Team
Receptionists & Personal Assistants
Research Team
Respiratory Team
Rheumatology Team
School Nursing Team
Skeletal Dysplasia Service Team
Sleep Service Team
Speech & Language Therapy Team
Spinal Surgery Team
Theatre Admissions Unit Team
Theatres Team



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