Register of Interests

In accordance with the Trust’s Policy on Standards of Business Conduct, members of the Council of Governors must declare certain interests. We are required to publish your name, role and any interests on the Trust website.

Only matters of material interest need to be declared. Material interests are defined in the following categories and may be held by you, a family member, spouse, partner, close friend or acquaintance. Please state your interest, the name of the organisation and the nature of your connection. You should also record start and end dates for each interest where applicable.

  • Directorships, including non-executive directorships held in private companies or PLCs
  • Ownership / part-ownership or directorships of private companies, businesses or consultancies likely / possibly seeking to do business with the NHS or the Trust
  • Shareholdings in organisations likely or possibly seeking to do business with the NHS or the Trust
  • Position of authority in a charity or voluntary organisation in the field of health and social care (Partner Governor organisations excepted)
  • Any connection with voluntary or other organisations contracting for / commissioning NHS or Trust services (Partner Governor organisations excepted)
  • Any connection with an organisation, entity or company with a financial arrangement with the Trust, including but not limited to, lenders or banks
  • Any other role or relationship which the public might perceive could impair or otherwise influence your judgement or actions in your role in the Trust

  • Declaration

    • In submitting this form I declare that the information I have given is a true and accurate record to the best of my knowledge at the time of completion.
    • I agree to update as necessary the information provided and to review the accuracy of the information provided regularly.
    • I understand that it is a serious offence to make or conspire to make any false statement or to withhold any relevant information and that such an offence could lead to disciplinary action and I may be liable for criminal prosecution and or civil recovery proceedings.
    • I consent to disclosure of this information to the Trust and NHS Protect for the purpose of verification, prevention, detection and prosecution of fraud.
    • I consent to public disclosure of this information in the Trust Register as required by the Trust Policy on Standards of Business Conduct.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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