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A-Z of services

A-Z of services

An A-Z directory of services offered by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is the Primary Treatment Centre for children and teenagers with cancer from within South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Derbyshire. Children and young people who receive treatment for cancer may develop long term health problems as a result of their treatment. The Late Effects Service in Sheffield was one of the first to...
Welcome to the Child and Adolescent Learning Disability and Mental Health (LDMH) Service. Based at Centenary House, we see children and young people up to 18 who have moderate, severe, or profound learning disabilities, who also experience mental health problems, challenging behaviour or both. This can include: anxiety anger and aggression repetitive behaviours and routines...
Those who have a Learning Disability will: Need more time to understand new or complicated information and learn new skills. Need more support to learn everyday activities such as household tasks, managing money, and communicating without help from someone else. Assessment for Learning Disability involves assessing cognitive ability and daily living skills. Those who struggle...
We are the Principal Treatment Centre for children and teenagers with all forms of leukaemia within South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Derbyshire. The majority of leukaemia treatment is outpatient-based and for this we have a dedicated Haematology and Oncology Centre which provides direct nursing/patient care. Patients requiring inpatient care are admitted to a specialist haematology/oncology...
These levels are set out by NHS England and outline what all families can expect from their local health visiting service: Community Health visitors have a broad knowledge of community needs and resources available e.g. children’s centres and self-help groups and work to develop these and make sure families know about them. Universal (the five...
The Paediatric Limb Reconstruction Service (PLRS) offers a comprehensive service to children from Sheffield and the surrounding areas, as well as national and international patients. As a specialist centre we normally receive referrals from orthopaedic surgeons in local hospitals or GPs. We advise on, and treat, all limb deformities including leg length discrepancies, upper and...
Introduction to the team Sheffield Children’s Hospital is an international Centre of Excellence for Paediatric Limb Reconstruction Services (PLRS) and has a highly specialized team of surgeons, nurses, therapists and allied health professionals who work closely together to monitor and review children and young people, and rehabilitate them through the various stages of their recovery....
The map shows the locations and contact details of our Health Visiting (yellow) and School Nursing (red) teams across Sheffield.
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