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A-Z of services

A-Z of services

An A-Z directory of services offered by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

  Our Immunology and Infectious Diseases Service investigates and manages children with possible recurrent or unusual infections. We provide a holistic multidisciplinary care for diagnosis and management of children with rare primary immunodeficiency (PID), and complex infection serving South Yorkshire and Humber. We aim to provide a high quality, accessible and sustainable service that meets...
After your first fitting Allow time to adjust to the hearing aid/s. Try and build up use until they are worn consistently for all of the day or as recommended by the Audiologist. Contact us if you notice any changes in ability to hear with or without the hearing aids. Review of the hearing aids...
Here you will find many resources and links related to different types of speech, language and communication difficulty. Click on the type of difficulty for more information, and to access these resources and links. 
Our Inherited Metabolic Disease (IMD) Service provides treatment for babies and children with a wide range of metabolic disorders. While individually rare, collectively these diseases are a common cause of admission to hospital in childhood. Our well-organised and effective clinical services are a huge benefit for affected children and their families. About metabolic disease Our metabolism...
Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy (ITB) is a treatment option used to manage severe spasticity of cerebral or spinal origin. The treatment works by reducing muscle hyperactivity, allowing more normal motor movements. What we do We aim to reduce a patient’s muscle tone and help them to gain better control of spasms. We also work with patients to reduce...
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As well as going the extra mile in her day job, Bianca has also signed up for two upcoming running events!So far,…
July 2021: To protect our patients we are restricting visitors to one person per patient at Sheffield Children’s at all sites. Please help us to keep everyone safe.See more NHS guidance about COVID-19

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